During the temporary closure of the shop due to the corona virus, I would still like to be able to sell balloons. Ideally I would like to have all the designs available to buy through the website, but there are many and it will take a long time to upload all the pictures! You can find what is available here. So in the meantime – please email your requests and we will hopefully be able to take orders where you can collect on your required day. Thanks for your cooperation during this unusual time! – Jennie



Yes we have balloons! And yes we can inflate them with balloon gas (a special mix of helium).

We have a vast range of foil and latex balloons for sale in the shop. Foil balloons tend to stay up for days – sometimes weeks, whereas latex usually float for about 12-18 hours-  they are best inflated nearest to the time you need them. We stock the large foil numbers in gold, silver, rose gold, pink, blue and red. We also stock lots of fun super shape balloons like flamingos, champagne bottles, unicorns, dinosaurs, etc. As well as the standard size 45cm foil balloons for birthdays, including ages from 1 to 100, new babies, baby showers, plus many more occasions. There are also plain foil hearts, stars and circles in every colour of the rainbow. And if that isn’t enough, we have just added lots of  Orbz (large spherical foils) and Clearz (giant clear balloons in soft colours). Not forgetting, of course, latex balloons in pretty much every colour.

We can be as creative as you like! We can make balloon garlands, beautiful bunches and we can even personalise any balloon either with glitter hand writing or vinyl stickers .

Be sure to check our Pinterest page for previous works as well as the gallery below. It’s best to come in to order your balloons, but we can easily advise and take special requests on the phone or by email as well.

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