The Den Kit Company The Plant A Tree For The Jubilee Kit


Be a monarch of your own little outdoor kingdom. Decorate your woven
willow crown using nature’s jewels, sow native tree seeds and learn how to identify some of
the UK’s best-loved tree species.

A creative, planet-friendly way for every child to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

For ages 6+


• Hessian sack.

• Child’s trowel.

• Willow crown.

• A6 tree identification cards in

their own cotton drawstring bag.

• Field Maple and Alder tree seed

pellets in a pillow box.

• 5 Coir pots.

• Illustrated guide.

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TDKC The Plant A Tree For The Jubilee Kit


The Den Kit Company

The Den Kit Company started life as a celebration of children’s ingenuity, innovation and creativity
– a shared belief that children are at their best when enabled to play outdoors, unencumbered by adultdirection and in unstructured activities that allow them the freedom and autonomy to create and imagine.
Our ambition is to inspire children to love and care for the natural environment and in doing so help to raise
our planet custodians of the future. Our products are long lasting and robust, offering endless possibilities for
play and discovery so they can be reused again and again…and again. With no single use plastic, no batteries
and minimal, reusable packaging our products represent a guilt-free purchase for conscious customers
We’ve been making shelter-building kits for children since 2006
(before they were even a ‘thing’) – and as a result, we like to think
of ourselves as den kit experts, providing:
Robust, authentic components that both challenge and excite young minds
and bodies.
Versatile and non-prescribed construction – meaning there’s no wrong way,
but a whole load of right ways to build it.
Themes to appeal to different children – offering choice and acknowledging
Carefully and ethically sourced components that last. No batteries. No single-use
plastic. No ‘pretend’ tools. Offering peace of mind to parents, and our planet


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