Petron Sureshot Toy Rifle


The Petron Sureshot Rifle uses our super safe Sureshot sucker darts and
it is ideal for ages 8 years and above.

The safety trigger ensures the Rifle can only be loaded with a Petron
sucker dart. With a front and rear sight, this Rifle is remarkably

Made from very strong plastic, it is lightweight and equally suited for
shooting indoors and outdoors.

Supplied with six Sureshot sucker darts.

Box dimensions (mm)

700 x 270 x 60

Weight with packaging (g)


Weight without packaging (g)


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Petron Sureshot Toy Rifle



Established in 1963, Petron Sports developed as a family owned archery business serving the UK market. Over the years the product range has continuously expanded to cover the full archery spectrum from entry level toys, through to a wide range of leisure products, and up to top end elite equipment. The Sureshot and Stealth ranges of safe sucker dart products is ideal for young children and adults alike to enjoy the thrill of shooting, while the Leisure range of archery products provides more advanced products for older children and adults. The Pro range caters for archers who want the best. Whilst the product range and market reach Petron offers today is a world apart from its origin in 1963, the passion to enable people all over the world to enjoy archery is as strong as ever.


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