Brio Builder Construction Set 3+


Design, build and rebuild again with the perfect building toy to test
the minds of budding engineers. The 34587 Builder Construction Set
contains all the components and tools you’ll need to build almost
anything your mind can design.

135 building components: The Builder Construction Set has 135 play
components including easy-to-use construction tools such as hammers,
screwdrivers and wrenches, wooden and plastic parts to base the
construction around, and active features such as wheels, pivots and
bolts – everything a young inquisitive mind needs.

Build with BRIO Builder: BRIO Builder provides children with both
physical and mental challenges which they can learn from in an enjoyable
and memorable way. While constructing a new toy, practice fine motor
skills (dexterity) and hand-eye coordination. Use imagination,
problem-solving and logical thinking to bring ideas to the world. The
endless possibilities to create something exciting makes this a building
toy that children will hold fondly in their memory.

34587 Builder Construction Set includes 135 pieces: 5x Easy-to-use
Tools, 130x Play Components.

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Brio Builder Construction Set 3+




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