Discover GeoSmart, the future of GeoMagnetic play.

Featuring a patented double-safety system, bright colors and unique playing elements, Geosmart offers unsurpassed safety and durability for endless creative play!
GeoSmart SafetyGeoSmart Safety
Geosmart is a magnetic construction toy suitable for children from 5 years old. Each piece contains magnets that are protected by a double safety system. A stainless steel cap covering the strong magnets is locked onto an ABS core, which is covered by a double high quality polycarbonate housing. This new, patented stainless steel magnet locking system makes GeoSmart a safer and stronger toy, offers a long lifetime and is easy to clean.

Geosmart offers 6 different Geoshapes in 9 bright colours

By using squares, triangles, rectangles, diamonds, isosceles triangles and trapezoids kids can create endless combinations, whatever their imagination tells them. Just use the 6 different shapes or combine them with some unique pieces like wheels, lights or a remote control which strongly increase the play value.

GeoSmart  Bright ColoursGeoSmart  Bright ColoursGeoSmart  Bright ColoursGeoSmart  Bright ColoursGeoSmart  Bright ColoursGeoSmart  Bright Colours

Some of the special elements Geosmart offers are:

  • Spinner: add motion to a simple construction. The spinner easily clicks onto every square piece.
  • Wheels: use your imagination and build cars with 4 wheels or 6 wheels
  • Tracks: build trucks with tracks!
  • Train connectors: build trailers you can easily connect to your vehicle and drive it around.
  • LED-Lights: light up your construction with one of the 6 LED colors. The panels easily click onto the squares.
  • Remote Control: drive around with your vehicle or make your construction spin automatically.

GeoSmart SpinnerGeoSmart WheelsGeoSmart TracksGeoSmart ConnectorGeoSmart LightsGeoSmart Remote

Finally Geosmart offers a clear educational value so children will also learn whilst playing with Geosmart.

  • Spatial insight: Making 3D shapes
  • Hand-eye coordination: both hands are used to build constructions
  • Concentration & logical thinking: to make (stable) constructions.
  • Creativity: build new things over and over again or duplicate buildings or vehicles they’ve seen in real life.
  • STEM: they will learn all about the 6 different Geomagnetic shapes and how to use them in the best way.

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