New ‘opening’ hours

Well, today was the last day we were open. I made the decision this morning to close the shop until it’s safe enough to socialise again as we need to respect the government’s  advice to social distance and hopefully relieve some of the strain on the NHS.

but… the online shop is always open, and I am trying to add as many products to it daily. If you’ve ever been in the shop you’ll know there are so many things to choose from that I haven’t been able to add yet.

Starting Monday the 23rd, the plan is to hopefully take some orders, and then organise a time that I can be in the shop and get your purchases together and then just hand them over at the door, or post them on.

This will also be the case with balloons, however, I have such a huge range it will take me so long to upload all the different pictures, it might be best if you give me an idea on what you’re after and I can email or text you some pics of what I think you’ll like. To be honest, I really don’t know how this will work, so am going to play it by ear. I can’t see a way of delivering balloons at the moment so for now it will have to stay as collection only.

meanwhile – Happy Mothers Day for tomorrow. And please stay safe everyone!

Thank you as always for your support!

Jennie x


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