Website Updates & NEW Pinterest Page

Hello! I hope everyone is having a lovely summer and not too pooped out by the heat. It seems we have a bit of a break and some rain due this week – I know my garden needs that!

I wanted to let you know that I am in the process of trying to get the online store in sync with my shop tills so that the stock levels are automatically updated, which is why I haven’t been adding new products on the site.

So in the meantime I have created a new Pinterest page and am adding lots of pictures of products and of the shops to give you a better idea of what we have. If there is anything that takes your fancy – please contact me either by email ( ) or at the shop  and I will be able to post it off. Likewise, you may notice a lot of products on the site that say out of stock – but it may be that the shop still has stock, so give us a ring to find out – we can still send things on.

Don’t forget you can also follow us on Instagram   to get the latest updates.

See you soon! – Jennie

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